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Airbnb Superhost
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Back in 2010 I left my home country of Denmark to pursue a lifelong dream: To travel on a motorcycle from the United States to Brazil.

And what an adventure it became…

I ended up riding 54.000 km through 18 countries during that 15-month trip. I made friends all over Latin America. But one of those amazing friendships turned into a flirt and 2 years after finishing my trip I ended up moving to Colombia to begin a new chapter of my life. Today, after living in Cali for more than 7 years, I’m happily married and have two beautiful little daughters.

Real estate investing has been my trade since arriving here. With my team, we have built and operated more than 40 units for short-term rentals with different investors, and we pride ourselves on having the highest quality units on the local market. I left my old partnership with Lifeafar and am currently developing a new building only for Airbnb which will be ready by early 2021.

I run the daily operation with my partner Harold via our management company EXSTR. Harold worked 8 years at a Marriott property in New York and breathes guest service. So if Harold is the one reaching out to you, don't worry - you're in good hands :-)

We both love meeting people from all over the world and giving them a first-class experience is our number one priority as a host.

Our philosophy is based on a couple of simple, yet powerful principles:

- Designing spaces that make guests feel at home.
- Being ultra responsive to guests, before, during and after their stay.
- Treating guests as if they were good friends.
- Having the highest standards for our cleaning.
- Making sure that our guests are safe at all times.

In other words, we want to ‘WOW’ you with our people, property and our processes. Or as the latinos like to say, “mi casa es tu casa” and we are EXCITED to host you.

Whenever we travel as a family, we usually always stay at Airbnbs as well and always respect your house like it was our own.

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EXSTR Furnished Rentals in Cali, Colombia
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